About Chandra Prabh Digambar Jain Girls P.G. College

C.P.D. Jain P.G. College situated at behind Hanuman Baggchi, Dehra Jain Mandir Road , Tijara (Alwar) Rajasthan in a sprawling campus of 4.21 acres. A Girls P.G. College started in 2005. The college is recognized by Rajasthan Government and is affiliated to the R.R.B.MATASYAUNIVERSITY ALWAR. The College has been operating officially under the trust/society Jain Ucch Siksha Samiti. The College is equipped with all essential facilities. If you’re looking for details in admission/application forms, fees, school timings, vacations/holidays schedule or facilities provided, kindly visit the the College.

Managing Committee

C.P.D. Jain P.G. College, Tijara was launched in 2005. The College functions directly under the control of Jain Ucch Siksha Samiti, Tijara, which has among its members distinguished educationists and persons of eminence from various walks of life.

All efforts are directed to achieve the main objectives of the College. We aim to provide the right opportunity and environment for a harmonious all-round development of the personality of the students by giving a quality conscious and value-based education along with the cultural heritage of the country. We aim to instill in the students a sense of responsibility and initiative so that they turn out to be useful and dependable citizens of India.

Aim of Our College

The aim of the college is to open educational institutions for Girls/women to enable them to become active, useful & responsible citizen of the nation. Without education they were exploited & had become the weaker section of the society and all the evil customs prevailed due to lack of education in women. So the main aim of the college is to educate Girl/women & help them in every sphere for their progress.


Every educational institution has to frame its objectives which incorporate the needs and aspirations of parents and students.

The main objective of this institution is to instill the students a refined outlook with utmost discipline and deep dedication in the pursuit of knowledge.

This institution also pays attention to the following:-

  • To nurture the growth of young child to become self reliant, self respecting and self confident person.
  • To create in a child an innate sense of individuality, sense of curiosity and explorations, initiative and creativity.
  • It tries to make a child a desired human being, a fit member of the community with a sense of respect and appreciation for everyone and everything around her.
  • It tries to inculcate in a child the qualities like modesty, tolerance, compassion, patriotism and generosity.
  • Last but not the least, this institution always aims at the all round development of an individual with an integrated growth of physical, mental, emotional and moral being.
  • Providing knowledge and imparting intensive training in the chosen area of specialization.
  • Developing harmonious personality by imparting communication and analytical skills.
  • Exposing students to the challenges being faced by the industry through frequent interactive sessions with the captains of industry and practicing managers including public sector organizations.
  • Inculcating ability for continuous and systematic scanning of environment.
  • Encouraging creativity through sessions of lateral thinking. Grooming students to be responsible and honored citizens.


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